Conference service
Conference service

We continue to welcome guests by taking all possible precautions. In case of any changes we will inform you.

The conference rooms "Zagrava" is ideal place for business meetings, trainings, seminars. The meeting room accommodates up to 60 persons,Grand hall accomommodates up to 120 persons, various schemes of furniture arrangement are possible to make.

The hall is equipped with air conditioning and modern facilities: wide-screen (240x180 sm.), Multimedia projector, wireless microphone, flipchart, Wi-Fi, the ability to install the rostrum, the possibility of electrification more than 30 pieces of equipment.

In addition to main conference room, our complex offers a meeting room that can accommodate up to 10 persons.
Restaurant service of hotel "Zagrava" can organize coffee breaks, buffets, business lunches and banquets.
Accommodation in modern, comfortable rooms will provide the best comfort for the participants.
Impeccable service, modern technology and hospitality will help to provide a successful event of any level!

Prices 2021 for the Conference service* :


8:00 - 20:00

Conference-hall Grand Hall rental*

800 UAH per hour

3 500 UAH per 5 hours

6 000 UAH per 10 hours

Conference-hall rental*

400 UAH per hour

Use of meeting room

3 hours — 800 UAH

*Rental equipment is included into the price.

The minimum time of conference-hall rental is 3 hours, conference-hall Grand Hall rental - 5 hours.


Prices 2021 for additional equipment :


300 UAH per 10 hours


200 UAH per 10 hours


150 UAH per 10 hours

Flipchart (10 sheets)

160 UAH per 10 hours


Suitable table configuration and capacities 

Гранд холл Гранд холл Гранд холл Гранд холл


Phone: + 38 056-734-88-00
Phone: + 38 067-622-70-66
Phone/Fax: + 38 056-734-86-12(14)
Skype: zagrava.hotel
Grand hall 


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Конф.зал Конф.зал Конф.зал

Conference hall



Конф.зал Конф.зал Конф.зал